Why is hot air coming from my vents when my air conditioner is on?

Imagine this: on a typical summer morning, you wake up feeling a bit warm. You walk to your thermostat and notice the temperature is set, but the indoor temperature is much higher. When you put your hand over a vent, nothing but warm air is coming out. 

If you’re accustomed to Arizona summers, this sounds a silent alarm in your mind. Depending on the discrepancy in temperature from your thermostat, this alarm could be enough to give you a rush of anxiety. 

Hot air blowing through vents could possibly be due to low refrigerant or damaged air ducts.

Before calling a technician, there are a few things to check beforehand:

  • Make sure the thermostat wasn’t accidentally switched from Cool to Heat.
  • Determine the last time your air conditioner was serviced. The coils may have a build-up of dirt causing low performance.
  • Check if the system is set to ON or AUTO. When the system is ON, it will blow air through the system at all times instead of when it needs to be on.
  • Replace the air filter.

If the problem persists, we recommend having a technician take a look at what could be causing this issue. Our customer’s peace of mind is our priority, especially during the hot summers.

To schedule prompt service, please contact (480) 926-0566.

Why is my air conditioner making loud noises?

A loud air conditioner can not only disturb your peaceful day or evening, but it can also stir anxiety that the noises will bring some additional, costly problems.

Loud noises from your air conditioner could possibly be due to bearings in the unit, belt problems of an older unit, or other malfunctions from the unit itself.

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